2001-06-16 06:19:03 (UTC)

so i dropped summer school

i just couldn't hack it. waking up at 6:30 every morning is
not what i call a summer. i know it isn't the best thing
for me to drop those classes but i just don't want to start
college on the wrong foot. i can't look back and see myself
ruin college like i ruined high school. the stupid
senioritis that i always said only existed in your mind has
won over me and that is certainly what made me drop my
classes. i know it is not that big of a deal. but my dad
seems pretty disappointed in me. o well. i already dropped
them and i can't get back in them anyway. besides i want to
enjoy my summer. oh yea and get a job. woo hoo. no fun at
all but i need the money. a car with no air conditioning
sucks on those 100 degree days. so i guess all my whining
will cease. if anyone has tips for finding a job send them
my way. i surely need some of those.