The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
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2002-06-07 00:59:21 (UTC)


finally the guest went bye bye...


i'm freeeeeeeeeee.....

today's toilet paper: a bit dirty... ew.... read the thing
bout my bro, you'll understand...

well, anyways, the guest finally left. the lil girl that
kept wantin to play with me, gave this purty necklace... so

i'm glad of one thing. i'm glad she didn't sleep with me(
if sum gross scene goes through your head, u've got a sick
mind! when i say this i'm mean in the same room...)
anyways... she asked me if she could.. i didn't want to be said yes... but then all of the sudden. we
were sitting on the chair and she peed!!!!!!! like all
over!!!!!!! ewwwwwwww... i was so scared. i was like:
please don't sleep in my bed, please, please... i pretendin
to be busy with hw, so i got away with it... thank


i'm so busy!!!!!! i hate school. i know i failed my history
test to day... i hope i didn't.. but i'm pretty sur i did.

well... ttyl

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