Lost In My Life
2001-06-16 05:57:04 (UTC)

A New Life

Today is the start of my new life. It is going to be
different. No more being upset over little things. No more
letting love control me. I am independant.
It has been hard comming to the realization that I was
not in control of my own life. But I am there, and I have
taken charge. Before now, my life was controlled by
boyfriends and sadness and just being in love. While being
in love is an amazing feeling... I can't let it be my
everything. I have been down that road and all it does is
lead to heart break,and a lose of everything dear to me
including my friends, and the relationships that needed the
saving to begin with. And actually... a lose of my true
self. You know... the true me that is so far gone that it
has become almost invisable... but I will find it. I will
find the person I once was... the person that I want to be
once again. I know I will find it because it is still
there... it is in my friends who knew me when I was that
person... and with their help... I will be thatt girl once
It is a new year... a chance to revitalize myself. A
second chance to become whole.

Yours Truely...

~*Reach for the moon... because even if you don't make it
you will end up among the stars*~