My discombobulated rambling of Terra
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2002-06-06 23:38:07 (UTC)


Ok so Today I .. Kris .. He .. *sigh* gotta remember to
breathe ...he tried starting shyt with me .. Im so fuckin
scared of him it isnt even fuckin funny. he was all hey boo
whats poppin? and im like you know im not your boo anymore
and he's like your not my boo when I tell you your not my
boo .. and I told him if he came within 15ft of my I swear
i was gonna break his fuckin legs, that he didnt have
his "bois" wit him this time, and he was all ahh girl so
its gonna be like that huh? fine bytch .. but mark my
words, if I wanted you, no fuck dat, when or IF i ever want
you .. I'll have you .. OH goodness ... bad .. imma go ..
adn crawl into a fuckin hole .. Carlyles going down there
now ... *sigh* bad bad bad