The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-06-06 21:23:27 (UTC)

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OK, well, the other night wasn't THAT terrible. In

I'm not sure what happened with Half-Seas-Over. I called
the gallery the next day, and they said a) the tour was
cancelled, and b) the power had been out anyway. That was a
pretty rough night...there were some severe storms and
power was out all over town. Trees were down everywhere,
and apparently, a roof collapsed on a ride at Kennywood and
killed a woman. So who knows what the situation was. At any
rate, I'll email Aubree and find out.

Tonight I'm going to see the infamous And You Will Know Us
By The Trail of Dead tonight at a venue in Oakland with
Sarah; her friend's band is opening. Trail of Dead is not a
band I am really impressed with; they're trailing even the
Hives and Andrew W.K. in the Great 22nd Century Rock & Roll
Sweepstakes, in my opinion. However, it will be fun to hang

Incidentally, they passed through Louisville a few months
ago. I missed it because, well, like I said, I don't really
like them, but also because I was doin' what Aubree used to
call "the Louisville Bee Line"; I thought Kim and/or Roseanne
would be there, and I didn't want to be around either one,
so I chicken-shitted out and avoided the situation entirely by
staying at home. Typical of Louisville behavior. Ha ha.

No such problems here in Pittsburgh, though! And I'm pretty
sure, actually, that when I return, I won't care anyway. At
least, I certainly hope so.

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