2001-06-16 03:56:07 (UTC)


im sad today.
i cant deal anymore.
it seems like thats all life is.
you dont life.
you just deal.
with all the shit that comes your way.
people are mean.
parents dont pay attetion.
or just dont care.
drugs make the world move.
drugs wont let me go.
people wont come back.
i have everything i dont want.
and nothing of what i wanted.
and it all seems so pointless.
my life is a runone sentence.
and i am lost in my own pretense.
im not sure of where i have been.
i cant remember most of my memories.
everything is so vivid.
and vague.
and with one i felt secure.
and it was the only time i was let down.
becuas eit was the only time.
i was ever brought above it all.
and so much is ignorned in our times.
and it seems all we can do.
is to preceed and try to forget.
all that we learn from.
and i will never regret.
because if i do, i admit to not feeling.
the times of tea parties.
on the ceiling.
are gone.
and we have been left.
to fend for ourselves.
in something we did not create.
we learn only from our mistakes.
and we go on.
and on.
hopeing to find peace.
within ourselves.
and without the reasonings.
there can be no questions.
and without questions.
there is ignorance.
and defiance.
but what is it all against.
our lives and concepts are self defeating.
achieved only with noise and chaos.
were all alone.
and we cant understand why...
or we choose not to.