2002-06-06 20:55:09 (UTC)


Man, I was tired at work this morning. Last night, I
played basketball until 9:15. I was playing 2 on 2 with
these kids that were playing there. One of the kids was
really cocky and talking a lot of junk. He wasn't a bad
player, but he was just too full of himself. My team won
all 4 games we played so I guess he shouldn't have been
talking too much. I saw Kathleen at work for the first
time since the wedding today. She brought in the pictures
they had taken. I was in about 5 or 6 of them. The odd
thing about her being back at work is that she said she was
leaving. She said she was gonna work at a car wash over
the summer and then go back to the colony in about
September. Oh well, bye, bye. Nick talked about maybe
going to see a movie tonight so we'll see whats going on.
If I do go, then I might head over to Honda first. Say
hello. I just wonder if she got out early today. I heard
a song today on the oldies station they had on at work. It
went- "You make me so-very happy-I'm so glad you-came into
my life." I like the sound of that. Makes me think about
her. She makes me happy when shes in my life. A whole 3
days off. What will I do? Might go play golf. Might get
a chance to sing some karaoke. Might go see a movie.
Wishing I hear something from her. Thats what I want the
most. That is what would make my weekend. Just chillin
for now. Thinking about her and hoping shes doing ok.
Time to go now I guess. Take care. Love you, BYE!!!