Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-06-06 19:04:57 (UTC)

Wee! Im home!!

New York is so pretty....

Anyways, I pissed matt off last night. It was so
hilarious. That poor guy. He has no idea waht hes gotten
himself into. Lol. Hes only seen the nice, sweet Trika.
He hasnt seen the way I am to people every single day of my
natural born life. Lol.

Certain people tend to piss me off. They diss all my
friends, and me, then pretend to care, when really, I dont
think they do. They feel theyre obligated and thats the
only reason they care...

Ugh. I thought by getting up here Id get away from mom,
but im only getting pulled farther into it.

Im going to go see if lee needs help.

Loves ya guys!