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2002-06-06 17:40:32 (UTC)

is it the moon?

ok so monday night I have three messages on my cell when I
get off work,....all from my sister, all pretty loud and
exclaiming "where the fuck are you?" - work where the fuck
so I call her back obviously, because this is extremely
uncharacteristic of her. She's lit up like a christmas
tree, on some swedish absolute over at some poor guys house
making an ass out of herself. Because she got laid off, but
theres more.. She got laid off right after she bought a
house. Anyways so she was a shambling emotional mess that
Get a call wensday morning from my bestfriends boyfriend..
wanting to know where she is.. I tell him I don't know,..
that his phone call had actually woke me up he goes on to
tell me how its over, hes walking out on her.. and terrible
friend of me I'm sure.. but I hope he does.. he deserves
someone to treat him nice and shes not doing that.
Get to my boyfriends house yesterday.. and find out he's
quit his job.. some conflict at work.. plus he's wanted a
new job for ages.. so he quit. Is there something in the
water? I keep looking over my shoulder just to make sure
nothing is sneaking up on me.
Back to the boyfriend- everything is going really well as
far as I can tell.. He makes me nervous.. because we've
had some communication issues in the past.. you know.. just
not communicating.. he actually at one point told me that
he couldn't have a "normal" relationship because he had a
problem communicating.. so has that changed? I know that I
have some issues with communication as well.. but I swear I
will work on that.. I will not let that come between us. I
just hope that he has come to a point in his life where he
can be more open with me, regardless if it hurts my
feelings or not.
Anyways.. I'm still as happy as ever.... probably driving
him nuts.. because I'm all the time just kissing all over
his face.. I can't help it.. I can't get over the novelty
of it.. You spend as much time as I have, wanting
something, when you finally get it.. you can't get enough.