The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2002-06-06 17:39:52 (UTC)

June 6, 2002 Lifes been better

Lately things been fine, I seem t be more of a friend to
luke now instead of always being up his ass.Things have
majorly changed since last year. Chrisitne moved, thats
better for not only me but her also. She is better off away
from all these asses down here.Me im just trying to get
myself in order now that things slightly changed..chrisitne
still comes here to see me, and well even though i haent
gone to visit her i wll...Like I said from the beginning
Luke and ruben do get sick of each other.We get chances to
chill with eachother differently. Sometimes i hang out
Nick, other days i chill withruben andluke, and other days
i chill with them all....When crisitne comes down i try to
chill with her alittle more because i dont get to see her
as much anymore.Well besides that, Memorial day weekend was
pretty phat down the shore..Even though Fat george ruined
it..Luke went to Chicago that weekend he had a good time
wich makes me glad...Well gtg see yah

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