the life of me
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2002-06-06 17:21:23 (UTC)

June 6, 2002

i haven't written in here in a while. guess that's cuz i
haven't been having bad days. it's sad to say, but i get my
inspiration to write when bad things happen. almost like my
creative genius (haha, i WISH genius) is powered by
depression. ya know? how lame is that. it's like if i were
to be a writer... i'd have to be miserable all the time for
my stuff to be good. lol. whatever. i guess excessive
happiness trigers it too. not that i'm excessively happy
right now... :). today is the last day of school. today i
bid my friends goodbye for 3 months. today i start to think
about zach... hehehe. he's not russy, i haven't seen in
YEARS. but i remember that we used to be such good friends.
he's working up at PSR this summer. with me. :) lol. i
can't WAIT to get reaquainted. as a matter of fact, i have
my eye on TWO guys. something might happen w/ jackson. i
don't know... i just have a feeling. he called the alicia
keys concert a date. i never thought of it like that. so
him... and zach. i've given up on russy. i'm to twiterpated
to think about him. but he'll always be there. ya know? i
guess i just need to move on. if russ is ever gonna happen,
it'll happen without me begging for it. i'll just let
things flow. but that doesn't stop it. so i'm left alone.
but just for now. this summer... i'll be a busy girl ;).
bye for now.