Homo Sapien

A Reflection Of Thoughts, Confusion, & T
2001-01-02 04:32:17 (UTC)

In this world of ours..the..

In this world of ours..the corruption is at an all time
worse. Young children dealing with troubles and pressures
that didn't even exist half a century ago. The elderly
treated like cockroaches whose deaths are awaited and soon
forgotten. If in just a few decades, we could have taken
such a nosedive, what does that say about the future? Where
is our society headed...soon we will be in too deep to come

Love has taken a backseat to success, not the success of
happiness, but of materialistic things, such as money,
jobs, and cars. No one seems to mind stepping on another's
foot to get there anymore. People "use eachother as
tissues, blow their nose, wad it up and throw it

Trying to keep your morals in a high school is almost
suicide. Trashing others, showing no weakness, breaking
down of peer's souls...that's what high school is all
about. Education isn't even the big deal in school anymore.
And the saddest part of it all is that these standards set
at high school have made a steady growth, taking over the
middle schools and elementary schools.

The voices and memories of my childhood seemed to have
drifted away before it's time was actually meant to end.
Childhood passed by a bit too quickly, bringing on the teen
years, full of anger, confusion, and tears. The never
ending tears...ahh yes I remember them all too well....

X Signed....
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