Oh,The Insanity
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2002-06-06 10:55:42 (UTC)

Why does My Heart Hurt so Bad?

So things were goin great in paradise - Graduation was
coming up,I was doin great in school, all that great shit -
and then I screwed up. Ya know how you, like, make a
mistake and then try not to acknowledge it, then just try
to correct it? Usually it works out, but that's no longer
the case. No matter WHAT happens between Adam and I,
whenever I ask for another chance, he gives me the same
response..."we'll see after graduation." Well, a big help
that is. Or even worse,
The thing that hurts the most is that I don't
think he realizes how much he's making me hurt. I try to
be subtle about it "adam, I hurt" but he's always like "Oh?
I'm sorry...take a Midol." I really have no reason -
except for the past - to be upset with him. For some
reason, yesterday, it just dawned on me, I'm no longer
special to him, I'm just another girl for him to flirt with
and the sad part is, no matter how many times I get hurt by
that, I'll still be there, by his side to catch him. Oh
the humanity!