worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-06-06 07:26:15 (UTC)

The Dungeon

This cunt sits in her favorite chair. Long dildos protrude
from it and forcibly enter the whore. The bitch is
strapped in and the chair comes to life. The dildos begin
raping the pig fast and hard at various speeds making the
cow squirm and squeal. An hour goes by with no additional
lubrication and the whore is rubbed raw. Exiting the chair
the pig is smeared with icyhot gel on her pussy and ass so
the burning sets in and the cunt is squirming and squealing

This cunt is tied to the X-cross. The painslut is whipped
up and down its body until its skin is bright pink. The
cunt is flipped around and the front of it is whipped until
it too is bright pink. A bamboo cane emerges and the front
of the cow's thighs are lashed as it screams and begs for
mercy. Again the pig is flipped around and now the back of
its thighs recieve the treatment. The bamboo is shoved up
the whore's ass and left there as a reminder.

This cunt is hung by its wrists. Freezing cold water is
sprayed on the fat fuck. The hose is positioned directly
under the pig's pussy and harshly sprays the icy water onto
the cunt, which is again squealing. Its legs are held
apart by a spreader and the cow is helpless and shivering.
The painslut begs to end the torture. The painslut is led
to the next device.

This cunt is placed on a wooden pony. Its frozen pussy now
supports the cow's enormous body as the wood cuts into it.
A leather flogger is taken to the cow's back and ass making
it ride the wooden pony hard. The cow is crying. A hammer
is slammed against the side of the pony sending waves of
pain rippling through the ugly cunt. The flogging
continues. The pain grows. The painslut is in agony.

This cunt is shoved into a tit press. Evil iron devices
hold the fat cow's udders in place and smash them flat.
There is no escape. Long needles are pressed through the
pigs nipples. Hot wax is dripped on the crushed tits. The
whore's nipples are pulled and pinched and beaten with a
riding crop.

This cunt is prepred for a gynecologist exam. It is spread
wide, painfully on display. The painslut is raped. Into
is dirty pussy is shoved a bottle scrubber, ice cubes,
hands, shoes, a toilet brush, a garden snake, a tree
branch, a barbie doll, the thorny stems of roses, and a
metal baseball bat. The ugly whore is crying. The fat pig
is bleeding. Lemon juice is dripped on the shreaded fuck's
pussy and the painslut is screaming and writhing in pain.
The pathetic whore is in hell, its version of heaven.

This cunt is chained against the wall. Electrodes are
attached to the bitch's nipples, clit, tongue, in its ass,
in its pussy, and on the fat cow's rolling stomach. The
pig is squealing again. Shocks are sent randomly to the
helpless pig's body. They grow in intensity and duration.
One nipple is shocked over and over again. Then the clit.
Then the other nipple. Then the clit again. The pathetic
whore begs for another area to be hurt instead. Laughing
can be heard. The clit is shocked again and again. The
fucking slut is too exhausted to even cry.

This cunt is bent over a table. Its back and legs are
strapped tightly in place. The painslut is paddled. Its
ass is pounded with a heavy paddle. The cow tries to
squirm but is held in place. The pig tries to cry but
can't catch its breath. The fat ass grows redder. The
paddling continues. The ugly fuck moans and quivers. Its
ass is on fire. The paddling continues and the pain

The cunt is on its hands and knees. Clamps are attached to
its nipples and clit. Weights hang from the clamps just
above the floor. The cunt is forced to crawl. The weight
sting and pull the whore's sensitive areas and a riding
crop whips the ugly fuck into crawling faster around the
dungeon. In pain and confusion the dumb pig pisses on the
floor and made to lick it up while its back is whipped
furiously. The cow crawls in agony dragging the weights
fearing its tender flesh may be ripped off. The pig is

This cunt is taken into the public square and placed in the
stocks. The people come to laugh at the cow and call it
names and throw rotten food and rocks and beat it with
sticks. "Painslut" is branded on the pig's ass for all to
see. Again the whore is raped and whipped and paddled.
The fat ugly pig is left to roast in the sun.

This cunt is placed into the machine. A catheder is forced
into it and water pumped into its bladder. An enema is
given to the cow which is plugged while still stuffed
full. Its tits are placed under suction cups that pull the
cow's udders to grow bigger and more deformed. The pig is
gagged deeply so it can squeal no more. Earphones are
placed on the whores head so it must listen to one phrase
over and over again - "You are a fat ugly worthless fucking
cow bitch pig painslut dirty cunt." The pathetic slut is
blindfolded. The pig's cunt is filled with a massive dildo
that grows larger, hotter, colder, and deliver electric
shocks. The cow's clit is clamped such that it tightens
and loosens randomly to keep the blood and pain flowing.
The whore's ass is smack randomly by various objects and
varying speeds to keep it guessing. The bitch's wrists and
ankles are bound painfully apart. The ugly fuck is shaved
bald. The exposed flesh of the pig is beaten with floggers
and riding crops mechanically. Endlessly. The machine is
hard at work. The cunt is alone in the dungeon. Its
suffering is witnessed by no one. The door is locked, and
the cunt forgotten.