Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
2002-06-06 07:01:01 (UTC)

One Week

it's been a week since i heard the news
& ever since i've felt so new
it seems as though a purpose somewhere
blew up
& i feel aloof to misery
& it's been a week since I've loved you
so much more
my appreciation has grown intensely
my admiration to you
Mama, i would've never guessed
how much of a mess
one person can resist
Mama, I can't understand
why you seem so nonchalant
why you work full footed & nonstop
i don't think i see you as a person yet
you're so much more to me
& i will never forget you
& all those funny things you do
that smile on your face makes my day
that smile on your face makes you stay
we can't let you slip away
it'd be murder if we have no say
& it's been a week that it's taken me
to find one's purpose in life:
love & be loved
run & keep running
to live & keep living
to keep the cycle going
& keep the stream flowing

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