Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
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2002-06-06 06:52:56 (UTC)


she's giving me an ultimatum
where do i put a stop to her?
i still want to be his friend
but my choices only involve her relationship

at what point does it become obsession?
at what moment does my judgment make me the aggressor?
at what time does one actually think about their day?
if you gave you the answer it wouldn't be a question

he's implying something again
does this mean we're going to go into it?
i can't understand the underlying message
but in my mind, i already quit this hallucination

at what point do i become obsessed?
at what moment does one's judgment make them aggressive?
at what time do we actually think about our day?
if i gave me the answer it wouldn't be a question

why do they feel so much apprehension?
are we intimidating each other?
why is the man so loosely fitted?
why is the woman enforced to be tightly committed?

at what point can we point and say what is and isn't
at what moment do our actions make us aggressive?
at what extent does this kind actually think?
if you gave me the answer i wouldn't be asking the question