A Crazy Persons Thoughts
2002-06-06 06:30:04 (UTC)

hm. im different

ok, so the past few months i've been working with my
psycologist, and things aren't so bad. I've found out that
I have a horrible self esteme (yea, big suprise) but i
really didn't know it 'til a little while ago. I dont think
im a horrible person anymore. I think i've had a bad past
and a lot of stuff has happend. I think that i went to the
wrong school. I think that I am perfectly capable of
getting over my problems, it's just going to take some hard
Danny is wonderful. We've been going out for about 6 and a
half months. He loves me very much, and I love him. We want
to try to work at staying together, and maybe eventually
get married. lol, i know that sounds like we are stupid
teenagers in love, but we are going to work at it. Hey, if
it doesn't happen, then it doesn't happen. doesn't hurt to
try. He is everything I've been looking for in a person to
spend the rest of my life with. I think it's possible.
We almost broke up Sunday night. I know that sounds funny
after just saying we are wonderful. but we didn't fight. It
was my bad self esteme coming through. I didn't think he
could ever love someone like me. But im trying to work past
You know, if we do get married, we will have been dating
for 10 years prior (he's going to med school). oh well. a
good story to tell our friends.
wow, i sound almost positive in this entry. yea, i've
changed a bit. Or, im working on it.