2001-06-16 00:21:14 (UTC)


Well work was so slow,but we had fun,,,you have to or the
place can drive you pays to good to leave...ell
off for the weekend,have to see what to do with the kids
have house work to catch up on,,,that happens when you work
all week,,,,watching the kids everyday seeing how they are
adjusting to soon to tell,,,,they are quieter than
usual,,,when school starts we shall see....but i am hanging
in there i wonder if a day will go by soon that no one asks
me where he is and how i am,,,,i guess this situation has
shocked more people than anyone could imagine,,,god needs
to help him,,,,he needs help from some where and since he
won't ask i hope a miracle will come our way to get him
back to reality,,,,i don't think my love will stop till i
see that he is aware what he is saying and doing,,,,,time
will tell....ok thats it for today...bye