A day in the life....
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2002-06-06 05:38:38 (UTC)

weekend report in the middle of the week

Hello my faithful and dear readers. How i've missed thee.
*waves at Stutzy* I had an AWESOME weekend this past one.
As i mentioned i got to go to Brian's. I met a good number
of his relatives and got to know his family a bit better.
Spending time with him before he moved to Chicago was the
greatest gift i've recieved in a while. I'm so thankful for
that opportunity i had. The car ride there (3 hours) was a
good time to talk. I just really had this surreal sense of
peace and belonging all weekend long. Like i was at home,
but yet i wasn't. And it's making me a little crazy just
because i've not felt that way in a long time. It was
wonderful. I don't tell my parents too much of that
feeling yet, because i know that they don't want me moving
away anytime soon, but i let them know how welcome i felt.
Brian's up in Chicago now. I miss him already...but i've
gotten to talk to him every night since he's been up there.
I love it! He's adjusting to his apartment and work so far.
He's not too far from a friend of mine. I don't quite know
when i'll see him again for sure other than my birthday
which isn't for another 5 or 6 weeks. I have my hopes tho.
Keep him in your prayers if you would. It's time for me to
go to bed. God bless y'all!