Autumn Always
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2002-06-06 05:30:50 (UTC)


It was incredibly hot today. I enjoy it for the most part
but it's hell to sleep in. Yesterday was nice I went out
Patrick and Sam and some friends. Sam had a blind date wich
went really well. I hope it works out for him, he's a
really good person. And I always enjoy playing pool. Today
I tried to make another dent in my laundry and Patrick
helped me with some things on the computer. It was an ok
day. I just have so much to do yet. And talking to
Nathaniel I'm a little miffed at the moment. I think he's
getting paranoid on me. He worries I'm going to take
offense at things that really don't bother me and then
actually said "don't change your answeres on my account"
that was a touch insulting. I am who I am, and it changes
for no one. I don't need to placate people to feel good
about myself or my conversations. Granted I am somewhat
gaurded sometimes but always with good reason, or maybe
just that no ones asked. None the less I expect people to
except me as I am. It just bothered me a little bit. He of
all people should know me well enough by now to realize
what a ridiculous thing that was to say. *sigh* I'm
stressed too but I'm not about to go doubting myself or
anyone else. Ermph. Too bad I'm not hungry or a fudge bar
could be of some use. Tomorrow I'm going to try and relax
and then later I'm seeing Kylia. For now I'm going to go
smoke a ciggerette and put some music on....