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2001-06-16 00:03:55 (UTC)

Summer Worries

Oh deary diary,
what is going to happen this summer? I hope my mom
doesn't lock me in the house and force me to study from
morning to night ( what has happened basically ever summer
in my life). I'm taking some classes at the local community
college, though i don't have any interest in them
whatsoever. Hmm.........that really sucks......oh
life generally does.
If i'm lucky my mom would let me hang with some of
my friends over the summer. That would make me really
happy. I want to go down to the beach, lay on the sand,
feel the beat of water, enjoy the summer sensations. I want
to get the disgustingly annoying scent of sunblock stuck in
my skin. I dont' know what else to hope for.
I want to have a fling........but that will be
talked about later......My mom's home......g2g