Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-06-06 05:04:08 (UTC)

Dreams of nothing.

I love reading people's dreams & I have dream book to
interpret any I may have..only problem is, I hardly dream.
What is THAT supposed to mean? The only dreams I recall
have been either really dull, real-life-like dreams of
nothing much really. No crazy sex dreams, no flying, no
walking through halls.....nothing like that.

I've had the odd weird dream. Once I dreamed of mirrors, a
sink and biting my thumbs off. That was weird. I dreamed
about running naked in a park with a bunch of people in
highschool playing a blue recorder. Once I even dreamed I
shot a guy who I barely knew. Pretty crazy, I've never even
held a gun.

But those were years ago...I'm not even sure of what I
dream about now.