The life of an almost teen!
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2000-10-22 22:08:20 (UTC)

Dear friend, Once again I am..

Dear friend,
Once again I am writing today! I am board out of my mind!!!!!!
Ahhhhh! N E way! I really like this one guy!!! His name is Mr.P.(Well
thats what I call him so no one knows who I am talking about except
me and my friends).But the prob. is that he likes my friend!!!! I
hate tht! Well he did like my friend! He keeps asking her out and she
keeps saying no! now everybody is saying that he dosn't like her
anymore!!! I was like jumpong for joy right there in the middle of
the cafateria!!!! It was funny!!! But I really really like him! But I
am not that kind of person who askes guys out! It is like a rule with
me that is you want to go out with someone then you let them know and
if he dosn't show any sign of likeing you or asking you out then you
forget him! Well I am so afraid to tell him how I fell because he is
everything that I love! I know that you are probley thinking isn't
this girl just a bit to young but you knwo this just goes to show you
that we fill just as strongly as everyone else!!!! Well I dont have
much to say! So Ill write latta!
Your friend