more human than human
2002-06-06 04:18:21 (UTC)


Don't you just HATE it when people say something and you
can't tell if they're serious? You know that in some way
they aren't, but you can't tell if in any way they
are....I really hate that. It happens a lot. Then you
wonder what other things they said or did meant, and
pretty soon you're questioning EVERYTHING, and it's all
fucked up. And, then you finally decide they WEREN'T
serious, and you find out that they were, and you feel
like a jackass. Gotta love that feeling. Or you think they
ARE serious, but they aren't, and now they're laughing at
your stupidity. That's even worse. Or when things get
really screwed up, cuz they think you thought they were
serious, when you didn't and they weren't. Or they think
you thought they were joking, when you didn't. Or when you
think they don't know what your thinking, but they do. Or
when they think they know what your thinking, and they
don't. OR when you think they know what you're thinking,
when they really don't have a clue. Or even worse, you
think you knw what THEY'RE thinking without them knowing,
and they KNOW you know what they're thinking, so they mess
with your head so badly that you can't think anymore. Or
they think you know what they're thinking, and therefpre
expect you to do something, but you don't know, so you
don't do, and they get mad, and you can't figure out why?
I think people thoughts should be thought a loud, so
thinking would be easier to figure out, don't you think?

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