Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-06-06 04:12:09 (UTC)

What's been going on...

Lately i've been working quite alot... And i need too.. i
desperetly neeed the cash... I've now got 2 jobs.... 1 job
i deliver or pickup appliance like washers, dryers, stoves
and fridges for a local appliance store.. Salary is goood
at about 8,50 an hour. Only problem is... that the job is
not stable... there may not be any work for a few days to a
few weeks... while some other times i go to work every 2nd
day. Thing i also dont like about it, is that it's a on
call job... i never know when i work... She usually calls
me around 9am to tell me that i've got to work at around
12pm... but... it's almost always just for a few hours...
so in all... It's not really worth all the trouble..

My other job, is in a grocery store that will be opening
soon in this city. The store is being build and sooo it's
not yet opened to the public.. But today i finished my 2nd
shift there, stocking the shelves.. This job pays minimum
wages to start but... i've been told that if your a good
worker that theres a few full time position opened for
those people.. (( this is what i neeed )).. Plus this job
is more stable... as i will know when i work etc... Store
will open on the 29th of June.. This is in a BIG weekend
for us Canadian as on the 1st of July we celebrate Canada
day... Sooo it will busy...

I'm exausted... between these 2 jobs... i dont get alot
of time off... Since the grocery store aint opened yet i
rarely work there... but... it just adds up... you know...
working 3 times a weeek at the other place and like 1 time
at the grocery store... makes a long week.... Only thing i
dont like about the grocery store is that the Air
conditioning is not working yet... So it's VERY hot in
there which makes you more exhausted at the end of the

I've got to move away soon... in about 1 month and a
half.. I am really not looking forward to it... as i dont
know how much money i'll be making then.. and i dont want
to live with roomates... I want a place of my own... where
i'm freee to do everything i want... But... that costs
alot... :( But i'm sure i'll find something to my liking.

Between me and Roxanne... I dont know what's going on. We
talk on the phone... and the last 2 times i asked her to do
something together she accepted.. But something came up on
her side at the last minute... Making the date a no go..
Today i called her to talk a bit.. and to invite her to do
something this weekend... Well... when i was talking to
her i asked her if she was busy... She said no, that she
was just waiting for someone to go over.... I asked her if
it was a girl friend or a boy friend... And it was a
boy........ Of course i acted like it was nothing... but
is it ?? I called her around 11pm... And i know she works
tomorow... soo why his he going there soo late... =(
*sigh* I just dunno.. maybe i'm making a big deal out of
nothing... but... I just dont want to looose her... I've
been single for toooo long... and frankfully dont know if
i'll be able to go on like this for years.... I missss the

So i'm heading off to bed... I'm very exhausted... and i
got a feeeling i'll be called in to work at 1 of the 2
places tomorow.. So i wanna be rested...