Visions Of Life
2002-06-06 04:00:11 (UTC)

Vanilla~ Flavor Of The Night

Mmmm.. Just returned from 7-11. The flavor of
the night was 2 shirtless white guys with tatoos.. Yum Yum

My assortment of friends is a bit odd.. lol.. They have all
seen me naked and all would wear eyeliner.. lol I have few
friends.. lol.. I can think of like 4 that i still see.
Sure, there are the random jailbaiters that hang around and
some high school people but i dont hang out with them like
alone. I dont need more friends. i just need to make them
more willing to go out on weekdays and play pool. Arrr

Someone actually thinks im seductive. I am so not
seductive. im like the anti of seductive. One glance at me
and you run..*laughs* Thats not true. I do talk about sex
like every 2 minutes. Maybe open mindedness and
seductiveness are close to the same thing.

This entry has no point. Im not making a statement. Im not
offending anybody. Im not plotting my death. Im not
expressing myself. i am just bored. lol

I hate this. No one wants to do anything and i need
groceries. Rah Rah Rah. I actually look cute 2 and its
going to such waste. *sigh* I need like a mail order friend
that will do whatever i say and is always available for
fun. Or maybe a really realistic inflatable boy toy..
wait.. thats for something else *devious grin*