my life
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2001-06-15 22:46:17 (UTC)

The two inspirational days of my life

The past five days have been great. I just wish that
Heather would leave my boyfriend alone. He does not need to
be reminded of everything that happened when we were in
school. He is very special to me and I love him so much. He
is only nineteen but he can be alot of fun. If you don't
like the person that your friend is dating there is nothing
you can do about it. Kelly and Chad have waken me up so
much that I have finally can accept the relationship and
that is great. They are very special to me and it will stay
that way. The rings Chad gave me I will always wear and
never take off. A lot of my friends need to learn that
accepting a relationship and be hard but sometimes it has
to be done. I believe it has saved the friendship I have
with Kelly and Chad. The two of them mean the world to me
and it should stay that why. You can't break to of your
best friends up just because you don't improve of something
that they are doing. Love and trust are two very important
things in life. The trust you have in your friends will
stay there. Heather needs to take the time to get the hang
of the idea that her best friend is know dating and she
loves the guy so much. I know realize that I will never
lose Chad or Kelly has long has the three of us stay
together and take it one day at a time. THe more I see how
happy she is I will not get in the way and try to take her
away from him. I see the love in Chad's eyes and it will
stay that way. If Jenny has a problem with this it is her
own personal problem. I believe that I guardian angel is
watching over me that is way I can accept the relationship.
Aaron needs to remember one thing and that is I will always
be here for him and his sister for now and always.