Thoughts to Share
2002-06-06 03:30:57 (UTC)

Things not going as planned?

So one of my goals for this summer was to meet new people.
Refer to my conversation with Heather from earlier this
Kat says:
I dunno....like, at the beginning of the summer...well,
before we got here
Kat says:
in my list of "This summer"s...I wanted to meet new people
Kat says:
make new friends
Kat says:
but people are shady
heather says:
yeah no kidding...and if all my "meeting new people"
ventures are as unsuccessful as this one...i'm not sure i
want a part of it
Kat says:
for real
Kat says:
on the first day...moving in...I tried to smile at people
Kat says:
and what did that get me?
heather says:
everyone in the dorm hating us
Kat says:
loud horses at night
Kat says:
our own upstairs DJ
heather says:
Kat says:
and looks that could kill
heather says:
so we're doin good
heather says:

And that's pretty much the way things have gone. So, I
don't know. Friendship isn't really that difficult, at
least we didn't think so.
My family and best friends seem to be MIA lately. As does
the toaster in the cafeteria. Might I just add that every
day during lunch our cafeteria has been overrun by
elementry school children. Some of them are as tall as I
am! That should not be allowed. Anyways, I suppose their
presence is the reason for taking away the toaster.
However...I pay a dang lot to eat in there and I will have
toasted bread if I want toasted bread. *Insert mad face
Lab tomorrow. I could do without that.
Roomcheck tomorrow. I could do with that too. Especially
since we're already hated and by the people checking our
room? What could be better. Grr... As sad as it is...I
will definitely be ready to get out of this house. Maybe
we could just translocate 102, 104, the kitchen, and the
hallway/lobby. Whatcha think?
Yeah, this is all random. To bed I said.