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2002-06-06 03:05:30 (UTC)

It's been awhile...

Hey, i haven't updated since earlier yesterday. I got my
license yesterday.... and i was out all day after that
until 11. Shiznit has been off the hook. Only two more half
days of school left... which are pretty pointless since we
don't do anything in class. Ghetto T and i filled up my car
with some gas.. u should be proud of us lol... it takes two
morons to get the job done. Tonight, we spent our last hour
of driving around devoted to seeing how many times we could
go down Gun Club road. Then we went on a bump search... we
would get the speed up and get airborn in the car over
dips... very fun. Then, i had a hit and run... with a
mouse.. i ran over a mouse. The mouse was wondering accross
the street... so i hit it.. and we turn around to see if we
could find it.. and there it was... dead in its tracks.
LOL... sorry. well.. i g2g.