Little Bird

Private Babbling
2001-06-15 21:42:41 (UTC)

What would I do w/o the Internet...

Life is good. I like this boy...I just wish he could live
closer. *sigh*

Hello Fancy,

Thats a tough question...Would you like to know Monday,
Just kidding.. I have absolutly no I usually
get up around 7, drink my coffee and smoke my ciggs.
Thinking how much I hate being an adult
and having to work. After about a pack of ciggs and a pot
of coffee, I amoffically ripe for the shower...there agian
I think how much I hate being
an adult. Afterwards Im feeling fresh and kinda get used to
the idea ofbeing an adult. I get dressed and of course
smoke another cigg. At around8:30 I slowly leave my house
and the idea pops in my head to skip work andgo back to
bed. But 99% of the time I end up going to work. When I
finallyget through all the nondriving traffic...Im tired
and kick myself in theass for coming in. I finally reach
the door and it too is a pain in the ass
(always sticks) but I finally reach my desk...sit in my
chair....turn on mycomputer...wait about 30 min. till it
boots on compuserve to
check my mail...and hope that you wrote. As the day
progresses I send out blank grade sheets to adjuncts...send
out contracts to adjuncts...answer the phone like a damn
secratary...."National-Louis University...How may I
help you?" You know that normal crap. At around 2:00 I look
at the clock and think damn its only 2:00. After I get off
of work...I get to fight that same nondriving traffic on
the way home. When I get home...If its a Tuesday
or a Thursday...I get ready for Basketball practice...if
its not I do absolutly nothing till 7:00 the next morning.
Pretty boring...don't you think?

Well take to you soon.
P.S. I dont feel you are harassing me.....I enjoy talking
with you..

JENS: Hey you
Fancy: hI :-)
Fancy: oops, cap locks lol
JENS: How are you?
Fancy: still tired, how are you?
JENS: Sorry to hear that
JENS: Im ok...bored
JENS: 30 min till shutdown
Fancy: plans for tonite?
JENS: not yey
JENS: yet
JENS: sorry
JENS: O:-)
Fancy: lol
JENS: Im supposed to call a friend
JENS: but dont know if that will happen
JENS: kinda pooped
JENS: Been busy latley
Fancy: whats wrong?
Fancy: have you finished your move?
JENS: I finished putting tiles in my kitchen yesterday
JENS: You know in Germany
JENS: You have to buy a kitchen
Fancy: that is odd
JENS: cabinetesand everything
JENS: and when you move you take it with you
Fancy: why?
JENS: Just how it is
JENS: Did you get my e-mail?
Fancy: yes, thank you
JENS: How about all that work I faxed you?
JENS: lol
Fancy: yeah, i loved it lol
JENS: I bet you did
JENS: lol
JENS: Well guess what?
Fancy: you have more? lol
Fancy: or your leaving?
JENS: Time for me to go
JENS: you getting pretty good
JENS: knew what I was going to say
Fancy: lol
JENS: Stop that your scaring me
Fancy: i havent started yet lol
JENS: so the desk girl is cute?
Fancy: :x
JENS: Im playin
JENS: You take care and have fun camping, six flags this
Fancy: lol i may stay home
JENS: Do what your heart requests
Fancy: you too
JENS: I will believe me...O:-)
Fancy: that angel looks evil lol
JENS: he he he
JENS: bye
Fancy: byyye

Now I have to go home and live 2 days w/o him. lol
He may not seem like anything special but I feel a
connection with him...maybe because he is a lot like O or
maybe because I have a mission to inspire and he needs a
little inspiration. ;)

~have a nice weekend dear reader