A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
2001-06-15 21:39:08 (UTC)

what motivates a human mind

the tedium of every day distractions
is the emotion that renders us dry

what i did today, wasted my time by transferring green
goodness to friends, making a living and hiding inside my
bubble, "that is the small space i get to have as a room,
well not much of a room kinda of a corner, n e way that's
not important, if i started on the topic of why i live in a
corner i would just piss myself off and cause a distraction
to my day, I still search for the jobness!!!!!
little things we don't like to think about, regret is a
wasted emotion, so why do we regret? Some people go their
whole life bitching about what they shouldn't have done, or
vice versa, I say if you did it its done, enough said, move
on. There are some things to regret, like not saying good
bye when a loved one dies, ect...
but most of the things people regret now a days are things
like, "I forgot to get my mocha today", or ,"I didn't get to see
my favorite TV show". This fucks people up for a whole
day, they'll be mad for the remainder of the time over
something that stupid.
Its gotten to the point where sometimes im afraid to
say "hi how are you" because i might get another negative
response. I asked a friend of mine to day how they where
and she replied "im great" a moment later says "I had a miss
carriage", talk about a mind fuck. what was going on in her
head for her to be doing ok, but at the same time had a miss
carriage? is it emotional shock?
i need to get me a riot shield!!!! start clubbing suckas

i get to see my friends tonight so not all hope is lost