2002-06-06 01:55:24 (UTC)

Wednesday, June 5th (846pm)

This is the kind of day I would never forget. Nothing
happened. No BIG talk, no touching of heart, no meeting of
person, no interaction of words. There are though thoughts
in my head that seem to be supressing my feelings in such
a way that is better described as a traffic jam.
I am thinking about Justin. Yes! I am finally being
truthful and sincere. I know that once in a while he
crosses my mind. Once in a while I wonder if he is going
to be coming back. Funny women. We tend to recieve more
than we are really willing to take in. I just keep telling
myself that all I should do now is admit the fact that it
is over. No more! Basta! There is nothing else he can
offer me. There is nothing that he can give me for the
happiness that I did not have for being with him. Nothing
could constitute us being together. Bogus! That's what it
was for us to be together. Bogus!

I don't even understand why I even keep talking about him
when I should move on. I truly believe in a soulmate.
There is ONE out there for me and all I have to do is grow
and wait. There is a love story in every person's life.
Passionate and romantic like they picture in movies. It is
perfectly fine with me to expect a picture perfect
relationship. There are always ups and downs, but willing
to understand that rollercoasters only hold two people
closer is the first step in a mature and worthwhile