Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-06-06 01:41:07 (UTC)

Drink, chocolate and all things bad for you

Christine texted the group about 7.15pm asking if anyone
wanted to go out for a drink. As always, we never actually
did what she suggested we do and went to ASDA and got some
alcohol. Vodka-licious. Well I brely touched my vodka
anyway. Had some vodka/iron-brew mixer at home so drunk
that and had like one Vodka and Cola. Since there was
about 700 ml of mixer, that was enough to get me all tipsy.

Seems after Ruth and I went to mine, Andrew phoned
Christine and the two of them went off on some drive all
over the place while we were stuck bored senseless in my
house. Ruth still has a thing for Andrew even after all
this time. Doesn't bother me that the two of them went off
without us but I, being empathetic, like to go online with
the mood. Which in this case is pissed off.

After chrstine came to pick us up, we went to Ruth's
house. Its the first time I've actually been to her new
house. She and her father moved into her step-mothers
house with her three sons (I think there are three). They
might be selling it sometime soon I think Ruth told me. It
reminded me of Ruth's old house for some reason. Nice
enough. They have cats, two apprently. I only saw one. It
was fat and cute. I spent a lot of time petting it until
it ran off. We had to go home since Chrisitne was tired
and had to go. Shame, it was a nice house. They have a
network it seems with their computers. I want to see it
sometime. Sad I know but I don't care. Wonder if anything
interesting will happen tomorrow. Think tonights done.

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