lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-06-06 01:39:02 (UTC)

weee weeeeeeeeeee weeeeeee!

today my mommy took me shopping cuz she's really cute and i
bought a few shirts at hollister and i just might be the
devil. i protest abercrombie and then i shop at
hollister. what ze heck?? oh well. anyway, it was 100
degrees in the valley. i liked it a lot! reminded me of

and we bought my bro a rusty shirt & i picked him out this
really hot little number...a hurley polo-ish shirt and he
tried it on when we got home and looked so cute. and then
he left for the dance wearing his new rusty shirt and about
fifty pounds of his adidas cologne (which smells reeeeally
good) and i took a pic of him cuz this is my brother's
first dance. ahh i love him!

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