Diablos Journal
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2002-06-05 23:33:57 (UTC)

Only 3 more days!

Wednesday 5, 2002
Hey.. Boring day! But it wuz our last full day of
school ::claps::....Hmmm.. Bad morning. I left my biology
book, either at my bus stop or on my bus, and were not
getting that bus back until.. I have no clue ahhh. I got on
the bus and did my Spanish homework! Kristen tried to trip
me, and she suceeded. Owww wwwww! lol.. 1st period, very
boring reviewed for our spanish exam tomorrow, I didn't
bring my quiz that was suppose to be signed today. Oops..
Go to fucking Hell Mrs. Scaffer!!!!!!! 2nd period we had a
rematch, for our game.. Of course we lost again... we suck.
We were up against people that actually read stuff??!!
That's not fair. 3rd period we watched the rest of Jurassic
Park.. I still think that boy should of died. Damn him!!!
He should've been fried on that electric fence::bzzzz:: ha
ha. 4th period.. lunch!! Mmm.... I got a Cheeseburger, and
a gatorate. We went outside and me Jen, Shannon, and Sean
were watching the uhhhh. ::coughs:: Name that I shouldn't
say! Cuz they'll kick my ass! 5th period we did the rest of
our Algebra review packet. I think I fell asleep in that
class for like 2 minutes.. But the woke up again because my
calculator went ::KABBOOOMMM!!::. 6th period, Yay Jenna,
she walked right out on Mrs. Reed's fucking fat ass. Mrs.
Reed was sending people wherever they wanted to go around
the school, and Jenna wanted to go return a book to her
teacher, but Mrs. Reed said NO! Jenna said are you like
Kidding?? Can I go down to the office she says? NO! The fat
ass said(mrs. reed). So she just said I'm leaving and BAM
she was gone!7th period, Kristen and Krysten did my hair
(kristen brough lot's of rubber hands and they colored my
hair green)it looked freaky. Jen helped me on the bus get
them off, it hurt ALOT!!!!!! Then when I got back home, I
went swimming. LOl!! Ha ha ha. (I'll flip you over this
time) (I will take you with me) (You look like a raptor)
and other things! Okay well I've goz to go and study for
Spanish because I have a Spanish exam to take tomorrow!