David's Odyssey
2001-06-15 20:49:35 (UTC)

Welcome to the Odyssey!

Who knew I would start an online journal? All my life I
have kept my writings private, worried that people would
find what I had to say be too racey for their standards.
But in the past month alot has happened and I have came to
one conclusion...FUCK ALL! If they don't like it, don't
read it. Although I must say it makes for interesting
table talk at dinner LOL.

So, people are going to finally know the real me. Am I
really ready for this? Guess so since I am writing now

Up to this point I am happily single again and actually
loving it this summer. Exit David...enter Dade! heheheh.
Its going to be a fun filled summer without ANYONE telling
me what I am going to do and who I am going to do it with.
Besides with the 4th coming up....DAMN! It's going to be
fun. Parties with my partner in crime Jacinta (JC). God i
miss the hell out of her and cant wait for her to get her
sassy ass back to Maine.

Lately I have been talking to my bandmates back home in
NH. We have been thinking on doing a little tour the two
weeks I got off work. How kewl would that be! My band
(ACIDtripp) is basically a cover band that devotes it life
to Lords of Acid LOL. I am the lead singer along with this
other thing named Jamie (thats a whole differant story.)
My ex Jacob does bass, his cousin Ryan guitar, and hottie
str8 guy Stefan on drums. I wonder about him though LOL.

Well I am going to cut this here cause its like hot as hell
and I am going to "hang out" with my little newly converted
friend. Swimming, beers, and SEX! And the sex part he is
awsome with. Wish I knew about him a long time ago *evil