2001-06-15 20:09:33 (UTC)

Just bored

Hello everyone,
I'm just super bored today. I went to the kid I baby sit
graduation today. It was very short and kinda boring. He
graduated from kindegarten today. So now he's a 1st
grader. Yippee for him. Other then that I'm super bored.
I'm supposed to be leaving hear pretty soon cuz my
boyfriend's roommate's jeep is getting worked on and we are
supposed to go pick it up for him so he can get home from
work but I haven't heard from my boyfriend yet. So I guess
the jeep isn't done yet.

I have nothing else to write. Oh wait if any of you are
fathers I hope you have a good fathers day and if not then
you should wish your father a happy fathers day on Sunday.


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