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2002-06-05 22:14:00 (UTC)


damit.... lastnight till about 2 in the morning i stayed up
trying to fix my computer..... some asshole sent me a
viris.... and it sucked so bad cause while u r still on ur
computer b4 u turn it off u send it to every one u r
chatting with.. through a link... if u get this link don't
open it....it will mess ur whole computer up and u would
have to format ur whole hard drive if u don't have a good
computer technition around.. thanks steve for helping me
fix my computer..... and thank u even more for putting up
witht he crap goin on around me..... the good point of my
day was i got to talk to sabrina today it was nice to talk
to her and i enjoy talkin to her well ttfn diary