Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-06-05 22:02:01 (UTC)

I'll Hate The Rain.

I'm not enjoying myself as much as I could be at the
moment, I dont'seem to be going anywhere is my suggestion
as for why, but there's nothing I can do until I get home
in a fortnight (well, less a few days).

So how am I filling my time? Obviously from 7.30 until 2.30
is a-taken watching the World Cup, it has to be. The
World's biggest show only happens once every four years,
it'd be rude to miss it.

Then I spent quite a while in the bath, its muggy weather
and I sweat a lot. Whether or not that needed to be
written, you can draw your own conclusions.

Yesterday I was at a barbeque, which I thoroughly enjoyed,
compliments go to both hosts and chef (though he may be
both, I never quite found out) and one of good friends got
wrecked and we had to carry him home. It was nice that it
wasn't tends to be.

Today I found myself inclined towards the Mark Eitzel
album, and playing the Spirit Of Speed 1937, meaning I was
chilling in a 1930's style Mercedes for the best part of
the evening. And then the sun went away, and I ate and some
other things happened.

I've read 4 of the Narnia Chronicles since

WILT? Jackie Wilson - Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher.