Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-06-05 21:44:38 (UTC)

500 Hits!!!!!!

Wow! My webpage has 500 hits...WOHO! WOHO! I'm happy. So
happy in fact I'm going to dust off my page a little bit.
By now there should be a poll, some more poems and a
picture or two that wasn't there before. It's time I get
serious. So now there will be some new things coming to
the sight.
For one thing, I don't just do poetry...I am doing other
projects and works. You will see an excerpt
of "Sweetheart", a short story of mine in the near future.
Also other excerptions of my work are in progress.
I'm happy...I'm hoping now there will be a thousand hits
next time I write this, so please visit my page and help.
Answer the poll and sign the guestbook, and more
importantly have fun. Hope to hear from you all.
The Mad Scientist