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2001-06-15 19:45:48 (UTC)

wearing a beater of the wife.

one: woke up at ten.
two: watched sex and the city.
three: took cold shower // half in // half out.
four: put on hXc thrift jeans // put new pins on to hold
fly shut // wore the new york state high school wrestling
championships t-shirt // listened to sarah harmer.
five: left for school // arrived around eleven thirty //
was supposed to be there at eleven for a meeting.
six: was putting my stuff down at the couch // saw dan y
tori in the office.
seven: "we're going to castleview. want to come?"
eight: in dan's car with tori // atom and his package
playing // feeling very high school y hearting it.
nine: arrived at castleview.
ten: "do you wrestle?" some guy de castleview.
eleven: got uber-offended, cos clearly i'm not the type to
wrestle // i mean. well... i'm kinda cute...
twelve: got all sassitude on his arse // he apologized.
thirteen: dan needed a quarter to pay and tori said she had
one, and i said i had one. tori got hers out first,
though, and gave it to dan.
fourteen: "maybe next time we'll wrestle over who gets to
give dan the quarter," i said.
fifteen: the "do you wrestle?" guy laughed, and i was rendered
inoperative... didn't know what to do, so i stole a ... what are they
called? oh yes // a sno-cone.
sixteen: back at school // eating sno-cone [translation:
looking adorable].
seventeen: molestation of self.
eighteen: frolicked around with my hideous bag // the one i
bought cos i felt bad for it.
nineteen: began taking globish regents.
twenty: watched fat ninth grade kid vomitar all over.
twenty-one: laughed girlishly // blah blah blah.
twenty-two: burped.
twenty-three: burped again // as i wrote "fat" on the wall
for tori to read.
twenty-four: realizations // bodily functions [to a certain
extent] are coming out again // scream-sneezes are
tremendously rawking after swallowing them for ten months
in order to avoid disrupting other people or germifying
myself y others // today is the last day i will study until
school next year //- bio y math // monday english //
tuesday spanish // wednesday = freedom // thin //
gorgeous // brilliant summer awaits.

i can't wait until tomorrow ends.

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