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2002-06-05 21:15:33 (UTC)


What a cute baby. Yes he is. Yes he is. A-boo, boo,
boo. What a cute baby. I saw him yesterday. He has a
little hair on his hair and he is really tiny. He has all
his fingers and all his toes. He didn't cry at all the
time I was there to see him. There were a lot of people
there, at least more than usual. Me, my mom, my sister,
her husband, my three nieces, the baby, the husbands
brother and his wife and their four kids, the father of the
baby and the mother of the father of the baby. That was
kind of odd having the father there. I guess my sister and
my brother in-law kind of decided that they want the baby
in their house after all. To stay with the mother you
know. My brother in-law doesn't really like the father of
the baby around his house, but, in this case with the baby
and the mother coming home, exceptions can be made. I
didn't get to hold the baby. He was eating and then they
had to change him. I kind of petted him on the head.
Trying not to be too hard coz the head is still soft. They
have this little dog there. Before, that dog got a whole
lot of the attention. Now, I was telling everybody, that
dog is gonna have to fight for attention. Worked til 3:15
today. Gore got nailed with orders. They had boxes all
over the floor as we were trying to fill the outs they
had. They let me leave before they got done so that was
cool. Earlier in the day, Beth and I went to the clinic to
get a Hepatitis B shot that the company was offering. When
I got to back to get my shot, they informed me that this
was the last shot they had left. Needless to say, Beth
wasn't able to get her shot today. I don't know if she'll
get the chance to go back tomorrow. This is a four day
work week, so we get Friday off. You know, I'm thinking
about going out to Honda at 5:30 today. I'm gonna call
Nick and see whats going on with him. If he wants to do
something tonight, then I'm gonna tell him I'll meet him at
6. If he doesn't wanna do anything, then I'm just gonna
stay home. Damn weather, it really puts a damper on things
when it rains so much. I wonder how shes doing? I wish
there was a way I could get in contact with her. I wonder
if she wants to see me this week? I might try to see her,
I might not. We'll see what happens. I know that I'd like
to see her. If only for a brief moment, thats good
enough. Ok, I'm done for the night. Take care of
yourself. Love you, BYE!!!

P.S. I called Nick. He said he didn't have any money so we might do
something another night. I guess I won't go see her tonight. Unless
I hear something from her, I'm just going to stay around here.