My Journal
2002-06-05 20:33:39 (UTC)

days go by

these summer days have been going by without me doing a
damn thing. I'm grounded for "running away" i didn't! I
just took my time coming home that's all. Damn my parents
have been all messed up lately. My mom decided to disown me
and said i was no longer apart of her family. I was like
you are a dumb bitch. That pissed me off. But today just
like yesterday i have been sitting around watching
tv,exercising, or finding ways to get on the comp. The only
thing diff about today was that today i talked to joe.
yesterday i didn't get too, and the day before we only
talked for a little while cause my dad was gonna be home
soon. This is so stupid. I am trying to babysit as much as
i can and get money for my Tool ticket cause grounded or
what i am going this time, and nothing is gonna stop me. I
need to get community service done or i can't go anywhere
this summer and i want to go to Eufaula and Tulsa and see
the other parts of the family. I miss my cousins and my
grandparents and i want to see them before they are on the
list of people with only a few more months or so to live.
Well i have to go call for community service now, I only
have 11 more hours.