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2001-01-02 03:50:28 (UTC)

well right now i am thinking of..

well right now i am thinking of my friends.but there are
two of them who stick out the most.one my friends is a.j.
he is a great friend. he has always been there for me. i
cant remeber a time he hasnt.you know he has such a
beautiful heart. even though he may not think so. but he
does. i havnt known him for a year but he has changed my
life. even if he may not know it.he can make me laugh make
me smile.i can even remeber a time i have been mad at
him.yo uknow i care about him. he has always been in my
heart.he is different then from anyother person i know.
thats one of the things i like about him.he is someone i
would never want to lose. he is very close to my heart. a.j
is such a wonderful person.just thinking of him makes me
smile.i have been able to tell him everything.even some
stuff i have kept in for so long. and i have more to tell
him.you know we may live in diferent towns but our
friendship is so strong.unbreakable.he would be amazed at
what he could see through my eyes when i look at him.i
guess he might think it would be interesting.he is very
sweet....honest.....funny.....kind just has good
qualaties.or i should say great.yo uknow i could go on and
anne ..she is a great friend.i can remember when we didnt
even talk last year. we had our own ways. but this year we
have become so close. i have been able to tell her
everything she has been there me as well as i am for
her.she has a good sense of humor.....she cracks me up
sometimes. she has her own self. she is her own person. one
of the things i like about her.she keeps me on my feet some
what. but can be just as crazy as me,she is very smart.
though she may not think. anne and i are crazy when put
together at times.boy do we have some stories.it would make
you laugh believe me.she has her sense of style. she can
draw and write. and she also has a good imagination when
she really uses it. well here are some of my friends
andi have more to tell in my next entry......

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