the ups and downs of my life
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2002-06-05 20:07:53 (UTC)

only one more day of school

well we didnt have school today...teachers in
service...and tomorrow i only go for like two hours. then
i will be done with my freshman year!!!!!! i will miss
some of the teachers b/c some were nice...but others im
glad to know i will never have to be in thier class ever
again. like Mr. mackrell and Revie.

well yesterday me, jess, danielle, and tracy went to
marias then walked to tracys house... we went to her creek
and then went on aol im and this girl comes up and stars
swearing at tracy for no apparent reason. so then we
blocked her and got under tracys other name and said that
she was a guy and found out where she was fro and
everything. then she wanted to cyber with her sister and
sisters b/f were right sick is that. then we
told her we knew tracy and she was like yeah she is a
withch because she started getting an attitude with me..
and actuallly she started it. so then we told her it was
acttually tracy and she starts warnings us.. it was really
funny...then tracy sings the ho song. it was fun despite
the fact danieell was there but maybe shes not so bad.

Tracys creek was cool . it has a swimming hole and in the
summer i might go there.

well today we went grocery shopping when my mom came
home...not fun. and in the morning i babysat.

well oprah is one and she is telling us how to make our
house going to go watch.