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2002-06-05 19:35:55 (UTC)

Waiting for the worms.

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re alive but your
dead? Anyway doors were banging this morning must have been
some ghosts or more likely hyperactive flatmates. Then did
some ironing very therapeutic before setting off to do some
revision. Richard rang and we met up not before I bought
myself a watch me being timeless for 5 months and all that,
far to long. Richard is now having feelings for a blonde,
American, Poet, Who is moving house. Do I see a pattern
emerging here? Oh yeah he has pulled a muscle he didn't get
the joke about the strenuous physical activity. Biz Man
exam was today, I messed up as usual. On the way to the
exam hall I got examitis where I sneezed 9 times in a row
and yes I did count them. Then I nearly sat in the wrong
seat, good job I didn't that would have been so
embarrassing. Then I struggled to get my pens out due to my
nerves. Once I opened the paper it got worse it reached
fever pitch when I was stuck on writing about Freud and
Haswells Motivator Theory. My throat was so dry and I felt
myself choking yet I couldn't cough. I was in pure agony
yet I dare not make any noise. It was a huge relief to
finish I left 5 minutes before you were not allowed to walk
out purposely so I finished the exam at the same time as
Richard. Then came the usual post exam analysis, Richard
was trying to explain Motivator Theory to Ed and Ed just
walked off as Richard was still explaining, nice. Walked
back into Brum with him where we discussed whether heredity
behaviour was a possible context. He caught Tram back to
Wolves; I then walked in the rain to Somerfield for some
milk for my throat. Annoyingly and oddly the top would not
come off causing me more moments of pain. Got Claribels
back to Campus and feeling a lot more relaxed at least I'm
exam free tomorrow. So yeah my throats in agony and my
hearts pounding don't you just love exams. At least
Richards Sister (Jen) spent most of her time yesterday
telling all her friends who came to her birthday party how
nice I was etc. I've certainly made an impression on her
I've only seen her for 2 hours yet she seems taken by me.
Watch out big head alert. Anyway a little sunshine on a
very bleak horizon.