Lenore the fool

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2002-06-05 18:36:32 (UTC)


I'm so psyched right now! T was gonna come to my graduation
but he didn't show up. WHich i was sorta dissappointed at
buthe'd called D and told him that he couldn't make it. Then
i hear about this punk prom thing and thought to myself i'll
invite T seeing as he didn't come to my graduation. So i'm
talking to him last night and i'm like dude what happened and
he apoligized profusly. And then i ask him do you wanna make
it up to me? He's all yes i do. So i say come to the punk
prom. He's all like okay. So now he's going with me and i'm
so happy!!!!!! Ah i just love spending time with him. And i
get to wear this great plaid prom dress that was made for me
during a play. Ah it's gonna be soooooooooo much fun. Just
need to get details then i call and give them to him. I'm
also cleaning my room with my friend today, that's good. It
needs it badly. I'm a high school graduate!!!!!!!!
Wahooooooooooooooooooo! and now i'm looking for a summer
job. Too bad i don't have a lot of job experince....eh i'm