Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-06-05 17:17:47 (UTC)

Temptation of a Wicked Smile

So, the question of age has been brought up...

Is it all right to love, date and/or have sex with someone
is younger or older then you by a signifigant amount?

Well, thats up to you isn't it?

I have in my life known people, some have been my friends,
others not, that have gone out with grrls 6 to 14 years
younger than them.

When I was 17, I dated a 23 year old. We had lots of fun,
think I may have fallen for her too. But it ended too
In part I think because of my mother, strange as it
she actually approved of her, what it was, was that my
mother continually badgered my gf about sex, and maturity,
and all the other BS that one would associate with someone
older than I was...

I have had 4 girl-friends. I have had sex with 7 grrls.
None of them have been older than 24. And none have been
older than 22, since I was 23. I am now 26.

So the question is, is it all right? Who the fuck gets to
decide what is right or wrong?

Shouldn't it be between the two people who are together?
And not between the "on-looking peanut gallery"?

My ex was 6 1/2 years younger than i, and the sex, which
incidentally, initiated, was headbanging, limb bruising,
and volcanic. I
know, I was in my room in the basement and I could hear
their sexual theatrics. We went out for almost 2 1/2

A friend who when we were 21, was dating a 14 year old. Her
previous boi friend was 43...

Never did I, not now, nor ever, will I make a judgement on
two people going out, being in love and having sex, based
on thier age...

That would make me a hypocrite, and liar.

So the question of age...

When I was 17, I lost my viginity to the aforementioned 23
year old. It was the most horribly exciting thing, and I
very literally blew it. 2 mins, and the game was up. We
never got a chance to do again, my mother walked in while
we getting into the mood for a second time.

Then I didn't have a grrl friend until for about another
year, I met
this grrl, she was 19, beautiful, and intelligent, and
who I thought was the be all, end all of my life. It's a
very long story, with a very short ending. We came, we
we danced, we talked, we got the postcard, and she cheated
on me with an ex...

I depressed, and I got overweight, and I didn't care about

When I turned 23, everything changed. Suddenly I was
surrounded by grrls. Everywhere I went, there they were. I
met a grrl, french, pretty, smart and nice. We made out,
had fun, went to movies, parties, and then one night,
we were making out, she decided that she wanted to go all
the way. I'd just finished giving her 3 orgasms in the
space of an hour, and she wanted more. I loved it. It was
great, and so, I took her virginity. I didn't know she was
17. I had a problem with it. Her brother didn't have a
problem with it.
It was wierd, even her mother didn't have a problem with
I don't know what happened, but we never had sex again,
we just sort of drifted away, a couple of months later, we
and went back to being just friends.

During this time, I had sex with 3 other grrls, between
ages of 18 and 21. They were one night stands, and boring
as hell. No emotion, no hey ya wanna go again? No talking,
mindless half drunken, half assed, half decent, sex.

Then I met her... You know who I am speaking of. I've only
written about her since the beggininng of my diary.

She was 17, about to turn 18 and I was 24.

That was 3 years ago...

Would I have a problem going out with a 17 year old? At
the time,
age didn't matter to me.

Would it have mattered if I had thought more about it?


Does it matter now?


I think it should be about love, and not sex.

Thats all people think about when they hear about a 27
old going out with a 16 year old.


I know, now. That being with someone isn't about sex, it
has it's place, but it isn't what is truly important about
being with someone. I won't have sex with someone, no
matter what their age, unless I feel something for them.

And it has to be more than my lustfilled libedo...

I am pan, hear me roar...

Love is more important than age...

And it damn well should be. But in order to love someone,
you need to
be honest with them, you need to trust them, you need to
try to
understand them. Most importantly you need them to feel
the same
about you, that you will be there for them, that you need
them as
much as they need you.

Look at romeo and juliet...

They had it going in the right direction...

Unfettered, unbound, undying, unconditional.

It was love.

I am going to try to find someone around my own age this
time out.

Within about 3 years I think, either way, not that I am
going to discriminate.

Just that, I don't want to date anyone younger than 20.

my what a hipocrite I am...

I should be shot...