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2002-06-05 15:18:37 (UTC)

i woke up early. im about ready..

i woke up early.
im about ready to leave...i think. i hope.
she doesnt believe me.
that kind of sucks.
she wont look me in the eye.

fuck this place.
and fuck them.
fuck her for not giving me any money.
i didnt even want to ask
but i had to and fuck her.
and fuck her for blaming me for the missing money.
fuck her.
because i didnt fucking take it.
maybe i fucking should have.
but i didnt.
and yeah.
im still fucked for it.

funny you know.
funny how no matter how much of a good girl i am. it doesnt
matter because im always doign something wrong anyway and
even when i dont they find something to blame on me.

fuck everything.

so far today sucks.