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2001-06-15 16:32:57 (UTC)

Still On This High

I am still completely hyped. This is so exciting!
There's only one bad thing about doing my workout so early
in the morning, and that's that I feel like I'm just
sitting around until I go to work. But I usually end up
doing more since I can't stand to just sit here.

I decided to take the dog for a walk a few minutes ago.
I couldn't bare to sit down any longer, and Gizmo's always
up for a stroll around the neighborhood. Once we were out
there, I just got this urge to run. It felt so great. I
would run a few blocks and then walk for one, then start
running again. Man, I haven't run in forever, and it felt
so good. I wasn't self-conscious in the least about what I
looked like, especially since I had Gizmo with me.

Something else that makes me feel good is the fact that
my first thought was to come write an entry about it. I've
never found something so motivational in my life. The
better I do, the more I feel like writing- as you can tell
when I start writing several entries a day. At the same
time, this is the first place I come when I mess up or feel
depressed too. I'm so glad that I started this diary!